Room Automatisation


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nur im lokalen LAN/WLAN:

nur im lokalen realraum Raum:

  • Deckenlichtschalter + Presetknöpfe, LOTHR, rechts neben Durchgang
  • Funkschalter beim LoTHR Waschbecken
  • Funkfernbedienung, TESLA rechts
  • Funkschalter MaSha, links neben der Tür


Previously configured by a fancy almost turing complete ini file, now simply hardcoded in running on

Cause Effect
Niemand Anwesend Alles Aus, Homepage Statusupdate
Anwesenheit erkannt
Vor Sonnenuntergang
Tesla ein
Warmwasserboiler ein
CX-GangLEDs ein
Homepage Statusupdate
Anwesenheit erkannt
Nach Sonnenuntergang
50% Deckenlichter ein
Tesla ein
Warmwasserboiler ein
CX-GangLEDs ein
Abwaschlicht ein
LEDs bei Couch ein
Blaue Bar LEDS sein
Homepage Statusupdate
Anwesenheit gegeben
CX-GangLEDs ein
Anwesenheit gegeben
CX-GangLEDs aus
Panic Button drücken Random Ein/Aus aller Lichter, Random Verstärker Mute, Glados: What are you doing, Statusupdate auf der Homepage

Sensors and Dataflow

realraum is littered with various sensors. As of 2015-11-21 they all communicate usinq MQTT, an Internet-of-Things Machine2Machine Messaging protocol using a central message broker running on (see ip-adressen) which in turn currently runs on a RaspberryPI2.

–> –> –> See List of MQTT topics ← ← ←

(includes pictures of participating nodes)

–> –> –> Graph of nodes and dataflow ← ← ←

RF433 Transmitter

Our Code for controlling RF433 power outlets or switches or just controlling any cheap RF433 device via ATMega based µC.

Usually some daemon (1:new), (2:old), (3:client for 1 or 2) sends 3 byte rfcodes via serial interface to the ATmega which modulates a pin connected to a transmitter extracted from cheap RF433 based remote X10

In realraum there are currently two senders:

  1. Teensy2 hidden inside lasercut Deckenlichtschalter box next to passageway.
  2. OOOllldd Arduino on top of the shelf which also hosts the stereo next to the frontdoor.

golightctrl running on takes care that there they don't send simultaneously.

The presence-meta-event-goroutine tries to diving if someone is present in realraum or not. Various scripts like play-sound-status.py1) or dostuff_switch_lights.py2) use this information to, guess what, play sounds or toggle the lights or power to boiler and tesla.

Anwesenheits-Entscheidung v2.0

Dia-Source, Old Decision Algorithm

Tür Hardware v1.8 State Diagramm

running on
running on
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