r3 MQTT Topics

A go-module and exact definitions of current r3events can be found at github: https://github.com/realraum/door_and_sensors/tree/master/r3events

A guide on mqtt essentials: http://www.hivemq.com/blog/mqtt-essentials-part-5-mqtt-topics-best-practices


mqtt.realraum.at:1883 (reachable only in local realraum network)

Topics currently in use

Topics can be retained by the message broker. In this case, the most recent event for that topic is sent to a client immediately upon subscription of that topic.

Sensor Messages
zigbee2mqtt/w1/AjarWindowMasha false MaSha Window ajar or not
zigbee2mqtt/w2/AjarWindowR2W2right false R2W2 right Window ajar or not
zigbee2mqtt/w2/AjarWindowR2W2left false R2W2 left Window ajar or not
zigbee2mqtt/w2/AjarWindowTesla false TESLA Window ajar or not
zigbee2mqtt/w2/AjarWindowKitchen false TESLA Window ajar or not
zigbee2mqtt/w1/AjarWindowOLGA false OLGA Window ajar or not
realraum/frontdoor/lockTrueFrontdoor locked or not
realraum/w2frontdoor/lock Truew2 door locked or not
realraum/frontdoor/ajarTrueFrontdoor ajar or shut
realraum/w2frontdoor/ajarTruew2 door ajar or not
realraum/frontdoor/cmdevtFalseCommand that was sent to the frontdoor and by whom
realraum/frontdoor/problemevtFalseProblem that occured at the frontdoor
realraum/frontdoor/manuallockmovementTrueIf the frontdoor was locker / unlocked by hand
realraum/frontdoor/rawfwlinesFalseraw communication between door_client and door_daemon
realraum/smallkiosk/temperatureTrueLoTHR Temperature, DHT11 Sensor
realraum/smallkiosk/relhumidityTrueLoTHR Humidity, DHT11 Sensor
realraum/printerbone/temperatureTrueTesla R1W2 BMP180 Sensor
realraum/printerbone/barometer TrueTesla R1W2 BMP180 Sensor
realraum/pillar/boredoombuttonpressedFalseindicates the BoreDOOOOOOMButton has been pressed
realraum/pillar/dustTruecurrently nonexistant Dust Sensor
realraum/pillar/movementFalsePIR Movement Sensors on Arduino on Beaglebone in LoTHR, one event per detected movement
realraum/xbee/relhumidityTrueXBee non-fixed sensors humidity, DHT11
realraum/xbee/temperatureTrueXBee non-fixed sensors temperature, DHT11
realraum/xbee/voltageTrueXBee non-fixed sensors battery voltage
realraum/w2tesla/relhumidityTruesensors humidity, BMP280 in R2W2
realraum/w2tesla/temperatureTruetemperature, BMP280 in R2W2
realraum/backdoorcx/movementFalsecurrently nonexistant future PIR Movement Sensor in CX
realraum/olgafreezer/temperatureFalseOlgaFreezer DS18B20 Temp Sensors
realraum/olgafreezer/overtempFalseAlarm Event, triggered if Temperature exceeds a pre-set limit (see olga_freezer_sensordata_forwarder.py )
realraum/olgafreezer/sensorlostFalseTriggered if a olgafreezer sensor stopped transmitting data
realraum/backdoorcx/temperatureTrueTemperature in CX, between Network, Backdoor and WC
realraum/backdoorcx/lockFalseno sensor, does not exist
realraum/backdoorcx/ajarTrueBackdoor Ajar Sensor
realraum/backdoorcx/gasalertFalseSent if LPG/Gas-Alert on CX-Ceiling is triggered
realraum/backdoorcx/powerlossFalseSent if UPS connected to smsgw.realraum.at reports powerloss, power-regained or change in battery charge
realraum/gateway/NetDHCPACKFalsenot-implemented. Info about new DHCP client in network.
realraum/gateway/NetGWStatUpdateTruenot-implemented. TODO 1) . regular updated network statistics
realraum/lasercutter/cardpresentTrueindicateds if and who's card actives the lasercutters's laser
realraum/w2frontdoor/onlineTrueindicates ip of device and if online or offline (LastWill)
action/ceilingN/onlineTrueindicates ip of device and if online or offline (LastWill)
Meta Events
realraum/metaevt/presenceTrueIndicates if someone is present in realraum. Sent everytime presence status changes. .Meta-Event generated by 'r3-metaevt-maker'
realraum/metaevt/aggregatecontactsensorTrueCollects all shut,locked,contact sensors into one event. Sent on change. Meta-Event generated by 'r3-metaevt-maker'
realraum/metaevt/overtempFalseMeta-event triggered if a temperature sensor exceeds a warning threshold
realraum/metaevt/sensorlostFalseMeta-event triggered if a sensor stopped transmitting data
realraum/metaevt/realmovementFalseTries to distinguish between real movement and spurious sensor errors
realraum/metaevt/duskordawnFalseMeta-event that indicates Sunset, Sunrise, astronomical dawn, nautical dawn, civil dawn.
realraum/metaevt/TempSensorSpikeFalsenot-implemented. TODO. Meta-event that triggers if a temperature sensor's value rises above its running average standard deviation –> possible Fire
realraum/metaevt/DustSensorSpikeFalsenot-implemented. TODO. Meta-event that triggers if a dust sensor's value rises above its running average standard deviation –> possible Fire
realraum/metaevt/timetocleanFalse Meta-event: Cleanup Time Event
realraum/rauchmelderN/onlineTrue N={1…} smokealarm online or not. includes last known IP
realraum/rauchmelderN/smokealarmTrue N={1…] SmokeALARM triggered in given room
Action Requests
action/rf433/sendcode3byteFalseTell RF433 Transmitters to transmit the attached 3byte code over the air to powerplugs
action/rf433/setdelayTrueTell Sender at *Location X* to wait *DelayMs* until sending a command receivce via sendcode3byte 2)
action/yamahastereo/ircmdFalseSend command to ir-emitter for yamaha stereo (list of named commands)
action/PipeLEDs/patternFalseSelect pattern of Pipe LED stripe
action/PipeLEDs/restartFalseRestart ESP8266 controlling pipe LEDs
action/ceiling1/lightFalseSet R,G,B,CW,WW Value of ceiling1
action/ceiling2/lightFalseSet R,G,B,CW,WW Value of ceiling2
action/ceiling3/lightFalseSet R,G,B,CW,WW Value of ceiling3
action/ceiling4/lightFalseSet R,G,B,CW,WW Value of ceiling4
action/ceiling5/lightFalseSet R,G,B,CW,WW Value of ceiling5
action/ceiling6/lightFalseSet R,G,B,CW,WW Value of ceiling6
action/flooddoor/lightFalseSet R,G,B,CW,WW Value of ceiling7 flodder
action/abwasch/lightFalseSet R,G,B,UV,WW Value of ceiling8 flodder
action/ceilingAll/lightFalseSet R,G,B,UV,CW,WW Value of all ceiling lights
action/gonamectrl/nameFalseSwitch named thing on/off
action/ceilingscripts/activescriptFalsceactive script with options '{script:name,…}'
action/GoLightCtrl/basiclight1Falseswitch basiclight on/off
action/GoLightCtrl/basiclight2Falseswitch basiclight on/off
action/GoLightCtrl/basiclight3Falseswitch basiclight on/off
action/GoLightCtrl/basiclight4Falseswitch basiclight on/off
action/GoLightCtrl/basiclight5Falseswitch basiclight on/off
action/GoLightCtrl/basiclight6Falseswitch basiclight on/off
action/realraum/resendstatusFalseTrue: trigger resending of current status of all locks, door-sensors, ajar-sensors, etc


Level Content
0 realraum (indicates sensor information) or
action (indicates a request for action)
1 clientID. Either ID of sender (if topic[0] == realraum) or ID of recipient (if topic[0] == action)
Future use: access restrictions for topics of +/clientid/# to senders with the correct clientid
2 uniquely identifies the type and format of the payload. E.g. means is directly maps to a certain json object structure
3 discouraged, but could be used to distinguish between several types of sensors of the same type at the same location, subcommands, etc
  • eg.:to get all temperature sensors in realraum, subscribe to: “realraum/+/temperature”
    e.g. mosquitto does not support wildcards subscriptions of the type “realraum/#/temperature”, which means message content/format should always be at level 2
  • “realraum/” should be at the front, since other hackerspaces MQTT sensors can also be subscribed to. e.g. “devlol/”, or “metalab/”
  • having the message format indicated in the topic makes parsing easier
  • having the clientID in the topic makes access control easier, e.g. only that clientid can publish to this topic

Clients\\ aka 1st level topics

ClientID on Host Description Network Requirements Image
frontdoor torwaechter.mgmt.realraum.at ALIX Board mounted on the front door LAN
backdoorcx mqtt.realraum.at MinimusAVR connected to smsgw.realraum.at and running backdoorcx_sensor_node binary. Located in CX/Network LAN
GoLightCtrl licht.realraum.at RaspberryPi serving http://licht.realraum.at/switch.html site and sending action/rf433/sendcode3byte mqtt messages. Listens to topics like action/GoLightCtrl/basiclight1 Sits on top shelf next to beamer in LoTHR. Connected to Ceilinglightcontrolbuttons. LAN
provides HTTP licht.realraum.at
ventilation ventilation.realraum.at RaspberryPi with Touchscreen controlling Ventilation and serving http://lüftung.realraum.at/ and sending realraum/ventlation/ventstate mqtt messages. Listens to lasercutter LAN
provides HTTP ventilation.realraum.at
pillar kiosk1.realraum.at arduinosensor.py script running on RPi2 kiosk1.realraum.at, located between pillar in LoTHR and the window glas. LAN
internet for kiosk
smallkiosk smallkiosk.realraum.at dht11sensor.py script running on RPi1 smallkiosk.realraum.at, which is the small display next to the passage from LoTHR to CX LAN
Internet for Kiosk
xbee smsgw.realraum.at xbeesensor.py script running on RasperriPi smsgw.realraum.at, connects to XBEE temperature and humidity sensors outside or cellar LAN
olgafreezer olgafreezer.realraum.at Arduino+NetworkShield POE-powered TemperatureDisplay next to freezer in OLGA. smsgw.realraum.at runs a sensornode called olga_freezer_sensordata_forwarder.py LAN
accessible from wherever olga_freezer_sensordata_forwarder.py runs
metaevt mqtt.realraum.at Metaevents generated from other events by r3-metaevt-maker binary running on mqtt.realraum.at LAN
w2tesla w2tesla.mgmt.realraum.at Temp/Humidity DHT11 Sensor in Tesla's PowerPlugBar mgmtWIFI
w2frontdoor ? bsod built ESP8266 sensor sensing if the flat-door to flat2/Wohnung2 is locked or not mgmtWIFI
gateway gw.realraum.at ALIX board gw.realraum.at, located in CX/Network, runs NO sensors all?
lasercutter lasercutter.mgmt.realraum.at RaspberryPI1 used for accesscontrol to the lasercutter. Mounted on the lasercutter. mgmtWIFI
provides ssh
xmppbot mqtt.realraum.at The binary r3-xmppbot running on mqtt.realraum.at. Possible future backchannel for xmpp-bot LAN
idl.wirdorange.org or wherever xmpp:realraum.at runs
r3-spaceapistatus mqtt.realraum.at The binary r3-spaceapistatus running on mqtt.realraum.at. LAN
ssh to vex.realraum.at
provides http:8080/json as future alternative to ssh-out
rf433 kiosk.realraum.at Action Destination for rf433 powerplug-control transmitters LAN
yamahastereo kiosk.realraum.at Action Destionation to control the YamahaStereoReceiver/Amplifier in LoTHR LAN
ircchanbot dhcp-12.realraum.at IRC Bot running on verr's raspberryPI2 (thinkpi) on the shelf next to the beamer LAN
r3LEDPipe dhcp:NODE-ABE95, usually LEDs on top of Pipe in LoTHR r3WIFI
provides telnet
needs DHCP
ceiling1-6 ceiling*.mgmt.realraum.at RGB+CW+WW controllable ceilinglights in LoTHR mgmtWIFI with r3WIFI as fallback
provides telnet
flooddoor flooddoor.mgmt.realraum.at RGB+CW+WW controllable light above entrance in LoTHR mgmtWIFI with r3WIFI as fallback
provides telnet
abwasch abwasch.mgmt.realraum.at RGB+WW+UV controllable LED strips for LoTHR Abwasch mgmtWIFI with r3WIFI as fallback
provides telnet
mashaesp mashaesp.mgmt.realraum.at planned but currently disabled movement sensor to combat people leaving the lights on in MaSha mgmtWIFI
couchred dhcp:couchred-8128 SonOff S20 PowerPlug controlling the “Ducks” r3WIFI
needs DHCP
provides http
printerbone drucker.realraum.at BeagleBoneGreen managing printer power mqtt.realraum.at
needs DNS
provides cups
lothrboiler dhcp:"lothrboiler-6135 SonOff Pow Relay controlling power to the warm water boiler in LoTHR r3WIFI
needs DHCP
provides http
rauchmelder1 rauchmelder1.mgmt.realraum.at ESP8266 connected to smoke alarm at TESLA. Only powers on if smoke alarm goes off

2nd level topics and payload types

see e.g. basicevents to get a feel for a payload message structure.

Ts stands for timestamp and should be a int64 value of seconds since the epoch at the time the event occured.

2nd Level Topic Payload Type Payload Type Format
Sensor Messages
lock JSON Object {“Locked”:bool, “Ts”:int64}
ajar JSON Object {“Shut”:bool, “Ts”:int64}
cmdevt JSON Object {“Command”:string, “Using”:string (“Card”,“Button”,“ssh”,…), “Who”:string, “Ts”:int64}
problemevt JSON Object {“Severity”:int, “Problem”:string “Ts”:int64}
manuallockmovement JSON Object {“Ts”:int64}
rawfwlines string
boredoombuttonpressed JSON Object {“Ts”:int64}
temperature JSON Object {“Location”:string, “Value”:float64 (°C), “Ts”:int64}
voltage JSON Object {“Location”:string, “Value”:float64 (V), “Min”:float64 (V, optional),“Max”:float64 (V, optional),“Percent”:float64 (%, optional), “Ts”:int64}
overtemp JSON Object {“Location”:string, “Value”:float64 , “Threshold”:float64, “Ts”:int64}
illumination JSON Object {“Location”:string, “Value”:int64 , “Ts”:int64}
dust JSON Object {“Location”:string, “Value”:int64 , “Ts”:int64}
relhumidity JSON Object {“Location”:string, “Percent”:float64 , “Ts”:int}
barometer JSON Object {“Location”:string, “HPa”:float64, “Ts”:int}
gasalert JSON Object {“Ts”:int64}
powerloss JSON Object {“OnBattery”:bool, PercentBattery:float, LineVoltage: float, LoadPercent: float, “Ts”:int}
NetDHCPACK JSON Object {“Mac”:string, “IP”:string, “Name”:string, “Ts”:int} TODO
NetGWStatUpdate JSON Object {TODO, “Ts”:int64}
cardpresent JSON Object {“IsHot”:bool, “Who”:string(name of user), “Ts”:int}
foodorderrequest JSON Object {“Who”:string, “Preference”:string, “Ts”:int}
foodorderinvite JSON Object {“Who”:string, “Where”:string, “URL”:string (http or phone), “Ts”:int64}
foodordereta JSON Object {“TSofInvite”:int64, “ETA”:int64, “Ts”:int}
online JSON Object {“online”:bool, “ip”:string}
smokealarm JSON Object {“room”:string, “voltage”:float}
Meta Events
presence JSON Object {“Present”:bool, “InSpace1”:bool, “InSpace2”:bool, “Ts”:int64}
aggregatecontactsensor JSON Object {“AllDoorsShut”:bool, “AllWindowsShut”:bool, “AllDoorsLocked”:bool, “Ts”:bool}
realmovement JSON Object {“Movement”:bool, “Confidence”:uint8, “Ts”:int} largely useless
overtemp JSON Object {“Location”:string, “Value”:float, “Threshold”:float, “Ts”:int}
sensorlost JSON Object {“Topic”:string, “LastSeen”:int, “UsualInterval”:int64, “Ts”:int}
duskordawn JSON Object {“Event”: string,“HaveSunlight”:bool, “Ts”:int}
TempSensorSpike JSON Object {“Location”:string, “Value”:float64, “Ts”:int}
DustSensorSpike JSON Object {“Location”:string, “Value”:int64, “Ts”:int}
3dprintprogress JSON Object {“Printer”:string, “Job”:string, “Elapsed_time_s”:int64, “Progress_percent”:int}
Action Requests
sendcode3byte JSON Object {“Code”:[3]byte, “Ts”:int64}
setdelay JSON Object {“Location”:string, “DelayMs”:int64, “Ts”:int64}
ircmd JSON Object {“Cmd”:string, “Ts”:int64}
pattern JSON Object {“pattern”:string, “arg”: optional argument for pattern, “arg1”: opt, “brightness”:0..100, “hue”:-1..255, “speed”:0..255}
light JSON Object see schema
timetoclean JSON Object {}
name String 01onoff

equinox doesn't like this™ so may never be implemented
currently not used, even though implemented
realraum Graz, Brockmanngasse 15, 8010 Graz, realraum - Verein für Technik in Kultur und Gesellschaft
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