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Pre-Print Checks

  1. Is the removable printbed latched in?
    • if not → move until it's level and all magnets are connected
  2. Is the printbed level?
    • If not –> Select Leveling from Display-Menu, follow instructions and use the three screws below printbed to level.
  3. Is the blue-tape on the surface ok?
    • If not –> remove tape-strip that is broken and replace with a new strip. Blue-tape can be found and belongs in in the filament box.
  4. Is the filament dustfree? If not –> Clean with cloth or pressured air.
    • Make sure dust does NOT get into the extruder.
    • Print and deploy a Filament Cleaner if not present
  5. Is the filmanet entangled? –> disentangle.
  6. Load correct material profile in Cura.
    • If in doubt use “Low definition” since it's fast –> see Materials

monthly Maintenance


supported Materials

  • PLA 1.75mm
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