Use Cleaning Filament when changing to a filament with a different extrusion temperature.

Otherwise lower-temp filament will charcoal inside the hotend at higher temperatures which can obsctruct the hot-end and create back-pressure and can be almost impossible to clean out.

3D Printing Materials aka Filament in realraum

    • Colors in r3: Black, Purple, Silver (,Blue if you ask DDD)
    • Extrusion-temp: 230°C
    • 2.85mm Spool Length 750g: ~95m
    • 2.85mm Spool Length 2200g: 270m
    • normal price, only slightly more expensive than ABS
    • least warping so good for precise prints
    • sticks really well to printbed
    • recommended for big and precise prints
    • Colors in r3: Yellow
    • Extrusion-temp: 230°C
    • SORRY only samples in r3
    • IF YOU USE A SAMPLE: document result using photos!!!
    • expensive price
    • like nGen
    • recommended for prints where layering should be hard to see
    • Color: translucent white
    • Extrusion-temp: 230°C - 240°C
    • 3mm Spool Length: 62.7m
    • normal price
    • awesome material durability and strength
    • needs glue and no printbed heat to stick. even so has tendency of warping on large ground surfaces and thus getting loose
    • recommended if cheap, small or very durable prints are needed
    • Colors in r3: clear, red
    • Extrusion-temp: 230°C
    • 3mm Spool Length: 56m
    • double price
    • translucent
    • brittle
    • Colors in r3: deep blue
    • Extrusion-temp: 195-215°C
    • 3mm Spool Length: ~125m
    • normal price
    • Color: steel gray
    • Extrusion-temp: 195-220°C
    • 2.85mm Spool Length: ~30m
    • 5x normal price, since it's really expensive to buy
      actually more than 10 times as expensive as HIPS per meter.
    • brittle on small features but durable like PLA and heavy on bigger pieces
    • sticks really well on printbed. do not use glue or can forget about getting your print off the bed
    • Color: translucent white
    • Extrusion-temp: 150-300°C
    • 3mm Spool Length: ~5m
    • use only for cleaning and when changing filaments
    • Colors in r3: white
    • Extrusion-temp: 230°C
    • Spool Length: ~140m
    • normal price
    • nice material strength
    • warps on large surface area
    • needs raft for less than 4cm² ground surface
  • PLA 1.75 (for Witbox)
    • Colors in r3: blue, …..
    • Extrusion-temp: 220°C

See the Lulzbot Filament Guide on print-settings for various materials.

See also the Lulzbot Cura Profiles Page

  • Cost is per meter filament (2.85..3mm ø)
  • Cura (or slicer of your choice) tells you how many meters you will need
  • We pay per started meter. e.g. you upround
  • Please feed the cat next to the printer with the € before printing

for members

  • normal price: 0.50€ per started meter
  • double price: 1.00€ per started meter
  • 5x normal price: 2.50€ per started meter

for guests

  • normal price: 1.00€ per started meter
  • double price: 2.00€ per started meter
  • 5x normal price: 5.00€ per started meter
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