Ideas and Projects looking for fellows

IRC Kiosk in r3

IRC is being used more and more now. There needs to be better connection between the real realraum and less-real #realraum. Idea for an easy solution: Take the old embedded pc unter tesla, take xro's Graka behind the stereo (can do two vga or 2 dvi), take three monitors from the basement, take the foldable keyboard from xro's box. Combine it in such a way, as that at least one monitor always displays the irc-channel. The keyboard is for instant replying. For more chatty needs, one has to use würfel or his own laptop. IRC does not fill the whole screen however. On top of the screen, a big, easily readable IRC message should be displayed. Message can be set via IRC-bot !toscreen …. or possibly react to a certain keywords.

Time Estimate: less than 6 hours

wanna help / be part of it? –> contact: xro

Ceiling Lights on Sterois

Lüftungssystem LEDs

Über dem Rohr im LoTHR haben wir kürzlich ein paar LEDs montiert. Derzeit hat verr seinen Teensy2++ hergeborgt und der macht eine Testanimation.

Der endgültige Plan ist aber, meinen auf NodeMCU laufenden ESP6288 anzuhängen. Elektrisch ist das alles fast schon fertig. Es müsste nur mehr jemand das kleine LUA Script schreiben, welches…

a) sich zu verbindet b) via mqtt verschiedene Patterns hochladen und speichern c) via mqtt eines der zuvor geladenen Patterns schnell aktiv schalten kann. (oder die LED Leiste aus und Dunkel schalten) d) sich via telnet? updaten lässt (init.lua überschreiben…), zumindest bis wir mit der endgütligen Version des Scripts zufrieden sind und den telnet port wieder abdrehen.

DONE by max and xro


TODO document and archive on wiki, blog on blog, hold talk in r3

Android Bluetooth LE Playground

Involves: Myo-Armband, Adafruit Bluetooth LE module, Android Phone, possibly some LEDs

I wanna experiment with Bluetooth LE. Also I've never written an Android App, even though it looks really easy. Now I wanna bring together above mentionend components, write a small android app to interpret the Myo gestures and send some UART string on to the Bluetooth LE module, possibly lighting up some LEDs on my hand or elsewhere. Would be cool to walk around with at night at CCCamp2015.

Time Estimate: possibly a day

wanna help / be part of it? –> contact: xro


We got EL-Wire. We wann play around with that and light stuff up. Preferably ourselves.

Time Estimate: at least half a day

wanna help / be part of it? –> contact: Stefan

Eye at Home

When I was in Ireland for a few months, I mounted a webcam on my router so I could check that no disaster had befallen my flat in my absence. The angle of view was pretty narrow however, so now I want to add Pan/Tilt-Ability. The hardware exists and I previously did something similar with a teensy and a stepper motor. Of course, we could also try mounting a laser ;-)

Time Estimate: a few hours

wanna help / be part of it? –> contact: xro

ambiLight für die Leinwand

LED strips im realraum hinter der Leinwand analog zu

Time Estimate: mehrere Tae

wanna help / be part of it? –> contact: M1CH

Static POV

Led schlange in die Auslagen POV Effect durch Augenbewegungen.


Paper Airplane Machine Gun

Maker Pool

Call for Makers!

Why? Because alone is not fun, neither efficient.

What? It is a collaboration project, for innovative ideas. There is no fixed project at this point, however some products are already planned, the idea is to build up a core team and together make finish the products. The goal is commercialize them (kickstarter/OEM/..)

Specific areas: - wireless charging - BLE technology - touch/motion controlled devices - innovative design products

Skills: Creativity and willingness to create. (though it doesn't hurt to have some embedded/CAD/app development background)

Time Estimate: 3-6 months(based on part-time involvement)

wanna help / be part of it? –> contact: Laszlo

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Time Estimate:

wanna help / be part of it? –> contact: name

Projects that got done :-)

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