The printers in r3 are

  • a HP LaserJet 8000 in room#1 in the backflat.
  • a HP Business Inkjet 2250tn in room#1 in the backflat.

All printers are served by the BeagleBone printerserver on the LAN:

  • The BeagleBone will automagically switch the printer on and off.
  • CUPS will automagically list the available printers without installing it in your printing dialog.
  • All you need to do is
    1. be in the realraum Network
    2. select the desired printer when printing something

To cancel print-jobs use the CUPS Administrative Interface


Model HP LaserJet 8000
Printer url ipp://
Location realraum Whg2 Room1
CUPS Driver PCL hp-laserjet_8000_series-pcl3.ppd
CUPS Driver PS HP-LaserJet_8000-Postscript.ppd
Model HP business injket 2250tn
Printer url ipp://
Location realraum Whg2 Room1
CUPS Driver PS

known Problems

  • Printer does not power on: Wait, the script checks for print-jobs only every 30s. Also, some morronwell-meaning-person might have disconnected the BeagleBone, the Printer or the power or switched off the printer manually.
  • Does not print but printer powers on. (Printers displays “STANDBY” not “PROCESSING”): Check if green LEDs on Belkin USB-Hub are lit. If not, unplug USB-Hub from BeagleBone, unplug USB-Hub-Power and plug everything back in.
  • If it does not work: Check if the tiny white usb-hub has power. Disconnect and Reconnect all USB-cables and power from the tiny white usb-hub. That should be all that's needed, unless the USB-LPT cable has a loose contact inside the cable.
  • Printing slow: recently we switched the Laserjet from PCL driver (fast) back to PostScript-Driver (slow) since only the PostScript-Driver supports A3.
  • Injket Error page: The CUPS support for the 2250TN is poor. Currently there is a choice between one driver that crashes the printer after one page or another driver that prints successfully but with one error-page after each print-job. We choose the later.
  • It's printing garbage: Use the correct autodiscovered CUPS printer. Don't configure something yourself.


If the printers are NOT automagically discovered in Windows, try installing Bonjour for Windows

DO NOT choose a printer driver matching the printer-name. CUPS expects standard Post-Script, not some special commands only understood by that printer. You are talking to CUPS not to the printer directly.

DO Choose any of the simplest and generic post-script drivers windows can offer you. e.g. Generic Post-Script Driver or HP Laserjet 4 PostScript

Trouble shooting

In the unlikely case that the printer does only print PS or PCL commands, abort the print job directly on the printer or you might end up with hundreds of useless pages.

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